Wheel of Jack

WMMC Radio plays a contest called the “Wheel of Jack” weekday afternoons 2–5pm central (sometimes eliminated on holidays and vacations). You could win as much as $1000! On Thursdays we double the cash! You could win as much as $2000 on Thursdays—we call it “Double Jack Thursday!”

Complete Rules

  1. The Wheel of Jack will be played weekday afternoons between 2 and 5 central. Some exceptions may be made due to holidays, vacations and illness.
  2. You can win anywhere from $10 to $1000, except on Thursdays when you could win up to $2000. (See Rule #3.) Here’s how you win: be the designated caller when you are asked to call in and you are guaranteed of winning cash. The designated caller spins the Wheel of Jack and they win the amount at which the wheel stops—either $10, $20, $50 or $100. At that point, the caller can either quit and take the money or gamble the money and spin the wheel again. If the Wheel lands on the same cash amount as the first time, the caller wins 10 times that amount.
    • For example: $10 would be worth $100, $20 would be worth $200, $50 would be worth $500 and $100 would be worth $1000. However, if the wheel doesn’t land on the same amount as the first time, you don’t win any money right now, but you’ll be eligible to win Second Chance cash drawings and concert tickets.
  3. Thursdays are “Double Jack Thursdays.” That means all winnings of $100 or more, after using two spins, will be doubled. $100 turns into $200, $200 turns into $400, $500 turns into $1000 and $1000 turns into $2000. If you get $100 on the first spin and decide to keep it, then you just win $100.
  4. You must be 18 or older to play the contest.
  5. Employees of WMMC-FM, First Bank of Marshall, First Bank of Martinsville, and First Bank of Paris and their immediate families are not eligible to win.
  6. WMMC-FM reserves the right to change the contest rules.
  7. WMMC-FM is not responsible for any phone failures or unusual “acts of God.”
  8. You are allowed to play the “Wheel of Jack” one time every 30 days with the following exceptions:
    • If you win $10 or more, you must wait six months to play again.
    • If you win $1000 or more, you must wait one year to play again.
    • Only one winner of $1000 or more per household per year.
  9. The contest phone number is 217-826-8017.

Recent Winners

Lisa Simmons, Paris
Melissa Sanders, Paris
Angie Miller, Terre Haute
Larry Collier, West Terre Haute
Barbara Stice, Casey
Jeff Rice, Robinson

Rikki Hammond, Martinsville
Tony Gilbert, Paris
Dustin Strader, Toledo
Samantha Tracy, West York
Linda Smitley, Marshall
Denise Pendergast, Terre Haute
Michael Todd, Robinson
Chris Seeley, Paris
Vic Timmons, Universal, IN
Jeff Lee, Casey
Cindy Burrell, Brazil
James Shoup, Terre Haute
Deb Daugherty, Martinsville
Ali Conine, Paris
Eric Snedeker, Marshall
Christopher Mosier, Casey
Fred Eitel, Marshall
Randy Warner, Marshall
Cherokee Swyear, Paris
Marilla Monroe, Terre Haute
Mike Anderson, Terre Haute
Carlene Richardson, Casey
Ashley Carter, Mattoon


Brittani Hanley, Farmersburg
Holly Puchetta, Charleston
Albert Wilson, Martinsville
Bobby Hartbank, Robinson
Darlene Welling, Newton
Andrew Toon, Terre Haute
Amanda Houser, Shelburn
Adrian Austin, Charleston
Darin Weaver, Terre Haute
Shelley Tomlin, Merom, IN
April Kelly, Marshall
Albert Wilson, Martinsville
Stuart Tyler, Terre Haute
Alicia Steen, Paris
Darlena Wallace, Marshall
Lou Ann Higgins, Terre Haute
Benny Shoulders, Carlisle, IN
Don Vanatti, Brazil
Leslie Heap, Terre Haute
Patty Weir, Terre Haute
April Boddy, Kansas
Steve Comstock, Paris
Greg Christy, Shelburn, IN
Shannon Sullivan, Robinson
Toni Davidson, Casey
Brandon Baston, Casey
Linda Gosnell, Paris
Carol Miller, Terre Haute
Bill Turner, West Union
Nikki Kile, Marshall
Clint Lankster, Paris
Deanna Atkinson, Terre Haute
Sue Wernz, West Union


Howie Johnson, Terre Haute
Sandy Edwards, Charleston
Sandra Stice, Casey
Robert Powers, Paris
Sandy Wheeler, Westfield
Karen Glaspie, Terre Haute

Barbara Green, Terre Haute
Terri Byer, Terre Haute
Justin Boone, Marshall
Robyn Morgan, Lerna
Glenda Clark, Dennison
John McInerney, Charleston
Billy Martin, Marshall
Sharon Toon, Terre Haute
Barbara Edwards, Terre Haute
Eric Czarnecki, Charleston
Cindy Pancake, Marshall
Darla Maesch, Staunton
Connie Hickox, Casey
Jack Myles, Marshall
Kent Speece, Kansas
Barbara Edwards, Terre Haute
Nikki Clark, Marshall
Cheryl Lankster, Paris
Peggy Lucas, Casey
Lisa Pinkston, Oblong
Daniel Sly, Terre Haute
Tamara Fagg, Terre Haute
Darlene Welling, Newton
Jeff Trefz, Marshall
Anita Seaney, Hutsonville
Dennis Mason, Marshall
Cindy Sowers, Toledo
Steve Conrad, Terre Haute
Steve Lang, Terre Haute

Dawn Boyd, Paris
Cindy Pancake, Marshall
Patti Miles, Paris
Heather Bounds, Marshall
Deby Veach, Clark Center
Joe Wasick, Terre Haute
Debbie Cooper, Greenup
Mike Ulrey, Casey
Kerri Locke, Flat Rock
Eric Snedeker, Marshall
H Young, Effingham
Anita Seaney, Hutsonville
Alex Barnett, Marshall
Brandon Baston, Casey
Sara Magill, Terre Haute
Kent Mitchell, Marshall
Jerry Smith, Yale
Kathy Horsley, Marshall
Michael Combs, Marshall
Laura Light, Toledo
Eddie Myers, Terre Haute
Eric Czarnecki, Charleston
Barbara Green, Terre Haute
Nate Middleton, Casey
Cheryl Lankster, Paris
Bill Kammer, Paris
Roxane Beeman, Charleston
Bobby Hartbank, Robinson
Kip Beabout, Robinson
Rebecca Eirhart, Terre Haute
Sonja Beltran, Terre Haute